SAA 2018

On 11-15 April 2018 the Society for American Archaeology 83rd Annual Meeting (SAA 2018) will be held in Washington, D.C. Further information is available at Papers and posters of interest to Nestor readers will include:
P. Schauer, K. Edinborough, S. Shennan, A. Bevan, and M. Parker Pearson, “Explaining Variation in the Scale of Neolithic Quarry and Mine Production”
L. Ferland, “Substances in Transition: Tell Construction in Chalcolithic Bulgaria”
D. Kaya, “Burning the House: The Importance of Excavation Methods in the Study of Space and Place in the Neolithic Household. A Case Study from Neolithic Bulgaria (6500–600 BC)”
M. Horowitz, “Performative Aspects of Early Monumental Architecture at Late Bronze I Phlamoudhi-Vounari, Cyprus”
A. Simmons, “Aquatic Neanderthals and Paleolithic Seafaring: Myth or Reality? Examples from the Mediterranean”
R. Bartusewich, “Pottery Production at Idalion, Cyprus: Investigating First Millennium BCE Politics and Culture through Ceramic Petrography”
Z. Chovanec, “The Organic Residue Analysis from the Early Bronze Age Site of Sotira Kaminoudhia in Cyprus”
Y. Marks and R. Doonan, “Copper Smelting in the Early Bronze Age Aegean”
H. Greenfield, J. Lev-Tov, A. Killebrew, and A. Brown, “Sacrificing and Eating Dogs in the Ancient Eastern Mediterranean World”
A. Cercone and Z. Bilgen, “Double Handled Vessels at Seyitömer Höyük in Kütahya, Turkey: The Manufacture, Use, and Trade of Depas Cups”
R. Kulick, “An Urban Micromorphological Perspective on Neopalatial Environmental Changes at Bronze Age Palaikastro, Crete”
L. Swantek, “Reconfiguring Social Networks: The Emergence of Social Complexity before and after Urbanism on Cyprus”
E. Monahan, “Enclosure and Surveillance: The Development of a Disciplinary Landscape in Bronze Age Cyprus”
E. Anderson, “Like a Lion, as a Man: Seals and Poetry in Minoan Crete”
D. Sparks-Stokes, S. Allen, and A. P. Sullivan III, “Deposition, Disturbance, and Dumping: The Application of Archaeobotanical Measures to Taphonomic Questions”
A. Karapandzich and P. N. Kardulias, “Zero to Hero: Elite Burials and Hero Cults in Early Iron Age Greece and Cyprus”
N. Russell, “Guardians in Life and Death: Dogs at Neolithic Çatalhöyük and Beyond”
L. Mazow, H. Luchsinger, and K. Rozier, “Adapting to Changing Resources: A Petrographic Analysis of Iron I Pottery from Tel Miqne-Ekron”
P. N. Kardulias, J. Torpy, D. Kardulias, and A. Karapandzich, “Multi-faceted Anthropology: Recent Work of the Athienou Archaeological Project in Central Cyprus”
P. Karkanas, S. Stocker, and J. Davis, “Microstratigraphic and Geochemical Contributions to the Study of the Burial Practices and Taphonomy of the Mycenaean Shaft Grave of the ‘Griffin Warrior’, Pylos, Greece”
J. Hruby, “Building a Statistical Model to Evaluate the Sexes of Ancient Greek Fingerprints”
S. Vitale, C. McNamee, T. Marketou, D. Nenova, and J. E. Morrison, “Changing Landscapes: Settlement Strategies, Cultural Dynamics, and Material Evidence on Kos, Dodecanese, during the Final Neolithic and the Bronze Age”
S. Allen, C. Shelton, and C. McNamee, “Preservation and Perception: Archaeobotanical Patterning and Site Formation Processes in Mycenaean Messenia”
M. Ntinou and S.-M. Valamoti, “Trees and Tree Cultivation in the Prehistoric Aegean: A Synthesis of Archaeobotanical Data”
C. McNamee, S. Laparidou, G. Tsartsidou, M. Bofill, and S.-M. Valamoti, “Experimental Archaeology as a Tool for Understanding Microbotanical Taphonomy”
D. Ruscillo, “Hunting the Helmet: Social and Practical Aspects of Building a Boar’s Tusk Helmet”
S. Murphy, P. Bikoulis, and S. Stewart, “Landscapes of Acquisition and Mobility: Sourcing Raw Lithic Materials and Their Distribution in Central Cyprus”

On 19-23 April 2018 the 46th Annual Conference of Computer Applications and Quantitative Methods in Archaeology (CAA 2018): Human History and Digital Future will be held in Tübingen, Germany. Further information is available at Papers and posters of interest to Nestor readers will include:
K. Paxton-Fear, “A Computational Decipherment of Linear B”
A. Tzouganatou, S. McKinney, and S. Perry, “Chatbots for museums and heritage sites: all hype or promising strategy? A case study in building ChatÇat, a ‘bot of conviction’ for Çatalhöyük”
P. Cuthbertson and P. Tsakanikou, “Challenges in Palaeolithic Spatial Analysis: Two Eurasian Case Studies”
D. Nenova, “Space, typology and mobility: using multivariate clustering technique to explore spatial patterning in prehistoric Thrace”
N. Kecheva, T. Branzov, and L. Nedyalkov, “No more endless nights filling in attributes - a web and a mobile app for GIS-based field surveys in Bulgaria”
M. Polig, S. Hermon, S. Jusseret, J. Driessen, G. Sorrentino, A. Kanta, and J. Bretschneider, “Virtual Experimentation - Reasoning on the original appearance and use of a bronze implement from Pyla-Kokkinokremos (Cyprus) with high-resolution 3D models”
V. Tsoumari, “The trade routes of the Mycenaean Messenia”

The March 2018 issue of Nestor (45.3) is available as a free download.

Regional Approaches to Early Greek Society

On 30 April 2018 abstracts (400 words maximum) are due for an international workshop for doctoral candidates entitled Regional Approaches to Early Greek Society, 1100-550 BCE, to be held on 14-16 December 2018 at Eberhard Karls University Tübingen. Further information is available at


On 20 May 2018 registration forms and abstracts (300 words) are due for an international postgraduate conference in the Prehistory and Protohistory of Mediterranean Islands entitled Islands in Dialogue (ISLANDIA), to be held on 14-16 November 2018 at the Università degli Studi di Torino. Further information is available at

EuroSciCon Archaeology & Anthropology 2018

On 31 March 2018 abstracts (300 words maximum) and professional biographies (100-150 words) are due for the 1st Edition of International Conference on Archeology and Anthropology: Reconstructing the evidence to explore People and Society! (EuroSciCon Archaeology & Anthropology 2018), to be held on 1-2 October 2018 in London. Further information is available at

ΑΕΜΘ 2018

On 8-10 March 2018 the 31st meeting of the conference Το Αρχαιολογικό Έργο στη Μακεδονία και στη Θράκη (ΑΕΜΘ 2018) will be held in Thessaloniki. Further information is available at Papers of interest to Nestor readers will include:
Χ. Μπουλώτης, "Νέα δεδομένα από τον προϊστορικό οικισμό Κουκονήσι Λήμνου"
Μ. Λυμπεράκη, Ντ. Ούρεμ-Κώτσου, Κ. Κωτσάκης, Σ. Κώτσος, and Α. Χονδρογιάννη, "Νεολιθική Σταυρούπολη και Τούμπα Κρεμαστής Κοιλάδας: μαγειρικά σκεύη και το κοινωνικό πλαίσιο της χρήσης τους"
Γ. Μάνος, "Τεχνολογία και μεθοδολογία της πελεκημένης λιθοτεχνίας σε χαλαζιακά πετρώματα. Οι επιφανειακές έρευνες στην Ημαθία"
Ρ. Βεροπουλίδου, Γ. Καζαντζής, Ν. Όροβα, Σ. Παπαδοπούλου, and Π. Τσιλογιάννη, "Νέα δεδομένα από τον οικισμό της Τελικής Νεολιθικής περιόδου στη Μεθώνη Πιερίας"
Σ. Κυριλλίδου, Κ. Κωτσάκης, Γ. Στρατούλη, Χ. Ζιώτα, Κ. Παπανθίμου, and Σ. Ανδρέου, "Σπίτι και κοινότητα στην προϊστορική Μακεδονία. Τα πρώτα αποτελέσματα από τη συγκριτική μικρομορφολογική μελέτη επίπεδων οικισμών και οικισμών με τη μορφή τούμπας στη Δυτική και Κεντρική Μακεδονία"
Τ. Γιαγκούλης, "Οι ξύλινες πασσαλόπηκτες κατασκευές στον προϊστορικό λιμναίο οικισμό Ανάργυροι IXb της περιοχής Αμυνταίου Φλώρινας"
Λ. Γκέλου, Ει. Εξαρχέα, Μ. Λαζοπούλου, and Μ. Ματαράγκα, "Αχλάδα 2017. Ρωμαϊκές αγροτικές εγκαταστάσεις πάνω στα νεκροταφεία Ύστερης Εποχής Χαλκού και αρχαϊκών - κλασικών χρόνων"
Γ. Στρατούλη and Ο. Μεταξάς, "Πήλινα μικρογραφικά ομοιώματα οικοσκευής και άλλου εξοπλισμού από τον νεολιθικό οικισμό Αυγής Καστοριάς"
Π. Τσούρλος, Γ. Τσόκας, L. Beness, T. Hillard, and Ν. Μερτζιμέκης, "Γεωφυσικές έρευνες στην Τορώνη (Χαλκιδική)"

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