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The bibliographic entries from previous print editions of Nestor (1959-present) are searchable from this website. There are currently over 53,000 bibliographic entries and over 15,000 reviews. Additions to the database occur monthly, when the issue is announced.


  • The database is not case sensitive.
  • Names have been entered according to the style used in the book or article. Therefore, Carl Blegen is sometimes listed as Blegen, C.W. and sometimes as Blegen, Carl W. and subauthored as C.W. Blegen. Be creative when attempting to isolate names with unique first names from common surnames.
  • In order to use wildcards, use the character *.
  • Limit the results to the exact text that you supply by using the equals (=) sign. For example, searching for mycenae will return 'Mycenae', and 'Mycenaean.' To limit this to 'Mycenae', enter: =mycenae.
  • Search for exact phrases by surrounding them with quotation marks.
  • For titles: check for the subject under different languages (including different versions of site names: Troy and Troia). Check also for alternate spellings: e.g. harbor and harbour.
  • A review of the work will show up as an indented entry, underneath preceeded by "Review:". Reviews are abbreviated in the standard AJA format. This database is being served by using FileMaker as the database, which means that you can enter complex search material in a manner that FileMaker understands. Below is a list of the most commonly used search symbols.

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